This is the final installment of the alumni interview series! Please enjoy a message from Robert Tidona ‘75, Energy Engineer Supervisor at Honeywell. Check out his LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-tidona/ . This interview and all other interviews in the series were conducted by Jason P. Mulderrig ‘18.

RT: First off, it is great to hear that interest in energy continues to grow at Princeton. I am a Class of 75 MAE alum. My undergraduate concentration took me into combustion sciences and I received my MS from UC San Diego in 77. My career has kind of moved back and forth between environmental consulting and energy engineering as things have unfolded over the course of my career. I have enjoyed every job I’ve had for different reasons. Consulting is great because every situation brings fresh learning experiences. In my current job, I work for a large company, Honeywell, which has given me a different perspective after spending most of my career working for smaller companies (plus an 8-year research engineering stint in academia at Drexel University). At Honeywell, I am part of a $1 billion energy performance services business. We do guaranteed energy and water savings projects for a variety of customers including institutional, government, and private entities. The fun thing about being an engineer in this market is that we get to work at the forefront of technology - striking a balance between the innovative and the practical. As a Solution Development Engineer Supervisor I enjoy the opportunity to work on projects and manage a small group of talented and experienced engineers who basically do what I do. Princeton provided the fundamental understanding of science and engineering that gave me the confidence I needed to be able to tackle new challenges without undue fear but rather a healthy respect for the technical rigor necessary to be successful. There is much to be excited about in energy. I’d be happy to chat about the future of the field with you all some time.