The Executive Board (2018)


Amber Lin '19


Amber is a senior from Edison, NJ majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering with certificates in Entrepreneurship, Energy, and Vocal Performance. She plans to pursue a career in the sustainable design of urban infrastructure, and is interested in how efforts from science, policy, and industry must work together in order to successfully transform society to be sustainable in all ways.


Skyler Liu '21

Executive Secretary

Skyler is a sophomore from Piedmont, CA currently living in Rocky. She is studying computer science, with potential certificates in Finance and Chinese. Outside of the classroom, Skyler is curious about renewable energy and the intersection between energy and finance, and is a member of the Varsity Swimming & Diving team.

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Nicholas Kick '20

Director of IT

Nicholas is a junior in Rockefeller College and hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is studying Civil and Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He is primarily focused on utilizing entrepreneurial techniques to find solutions for the pressing sustainability issues prevalent today, especially with regard to renewable energy and sustainable design efforts. Nicholas is also the Technical Team Co-Lead of the Engineers Without Borders Peru team and a member of the newly formed P.U.T.T. P.U.T.T. project.


Simone Downs ‘20

Director of Communications

Simone is a junior from Philadelphia, PA and a member of Rockefeller College. She plans to major in the Woodrow Wilson School and is interested in the policy side of energy, particularly in finding ways to encourage and expand forms of renewable energy in society.


Akash Samant ‘21

Director of Finance

Akash is a sophomore in Forbes College from Scottsdale, Arizona. He plans on majoring in Mathematics with possible certificates in political economy and Statistics and Machine Learning. He is interested in the ways in which energy can be effectively provided in developing countries, as well as the economic incentive structures necessary to push renewable sources forward.


Anushka Dasgupta ‘19

Research and Reports Chair

Anushka is a Chemical & Biological Engineering major from Northborough, Massachusetts. A proud Forbesian, she is pursuing a certificate in Materials Science. She’s interested in how materials science can be applied to energy storage and generation. In her free (?) time, she enjoys drawing and painting.


Ethan Katz ‘21

Campus Events Chair

A sophomore from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ethan is passionate about green financing and sustainable economic development. He is in Whitman and planning to enter the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.


Christopher Gliwa ‘21

Community Engagement Chair

Chris is a sophomore from East Rutherford, New Jersey and a member of Whitman College. He is a Civil & Environmental Engineering major and is pursuing certificates in environmental policy and sustainable energy. His passions include environmental law and education as well as public policy. Chris hopes to work in government and influence environmental protection policies worldwide.


Abhiram Karuppur ‘19

Careers Chair

Abhiram is a senior in Mathey College and hails from central New Jersey. He is majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering, and is pursuing certificates in Materials Science and Finance. Abhiram is interested in synthesizing new fuels/energy sources and chemically optimizing current nonrenewable and renewable energy sources to make them economically feasible. He is a recipient of the 2016 PEI Summer Internship for his research project optimizing organic transistors.


Kavya Chandran '21

PECC Director

Originally from Houston, Texas, Kavya calls Mathey College her home. She is a sophomore intent on majoring in Electrical Engineering, and her interests include energy storage and environmental policy. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.

The Members of the Board (2018)


Amy Amatya ‘21

Research and Reports

Amy is a sophomore Geosciences major now in her 2nd year on the board. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, she is a proud member of Mathey College, and is curious about viable and cost-effective ways to power tech democratization long-term in underserved neighborhoods. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, collecting maps, and re-watching Cinema Paradiso.

Joe Kawalec.jpg

Joe Kawalec ’21

Research and Reports

Coming from the town of East Brunswick, NJ, a mere 30 minutes from Princeton, Joe Kawalec is a sophomore in Rocky College. He is a prospective Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major, with plans to receive a certificate in Environmental Studies. With the resources provided to him by the university and the world-renowned Princeton Environmental Institute, he hopes to expand upon his passion for the vast biodiversity of our planet and integrating sources of sustainable energy into our society.


Neha Chauhan ‘21

Research and Reports

Neha is a sophomore from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, planning to pursue a major in Chemical and Biological Engineering and a certificate in Environmental Studies. She is devoted to sustainability and is particularly interested in expanding usage of wind energy.


Melanie Porras ’21

Research and Reports

Melanie is a sophomore from Westchester, NY majoring in Civil Engineering with a certificate in Architecture and Engineering and Sustainable Energy. In the past she’s done research on artificial photosynthesis, and how if replicated correctly, artificial photosynthesis could harness solar energy at an efficiency far greater than solar panels currently do. She hopes to continue to learn how to gap sustainable energy and infrastructure through PUEA.


Patrick Huang ’22

Research and Reports

Patrick is a freshman from San Diego, California and a member of Butler College. A prospective engineering major, he is interested in renewable energy technologies and how they can be best implemented using effective policy. His other interests include reading and music.

Miriam Buscher ‘19


Mim is a senior in Rockefeller College majoring in Chemical & Biological Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Environmental Studies. She comes from Williamsburg, Virginia and is most interested in the chemistry behind second-generation biofuels and their potential as a viable alternative energy source.


Neil Slighton ‘20


Neil is a junior studying Operation Research and Financial Engineering. He is interested in energy technologies and is doing research in fusion reactors. He is ultimately interested in private sector renewable energy from a business/entrepreneurial perspective.


Tyler Feemster ’22


Born and raised in the Carolinas, Tyler is a freshman in Whitman College pursuing a major in Mathematics and possible certificates in Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship. He is interested in entrepreneurial approaches to energy and environmental sustainability and believes that creating and maintaining global energy security is a necessary step in solving other serious problems such as disease, malnutrition, poverty, and war.


Erin Redding ’19


Erin is a senior in the Woodrow Wilson School with certificates in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Energy & Technology. She is interested in the way policy influences energy access in developing countries. She is currently writing her senior thesis on solar energy in the Philippines, but has explored solar as a possibility to defeat energy poverty in the Middle East and Kenya as well.


Francis Ogoke '19

Campus Events

Francis is a senior from Calgary, Alberta, majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and pursuing certificates in Applications of Computing and Sustainable Energy. He is interested in the production of low-cost sustainable energy technologies as well as increasing campus engagement with energy issues.

Dani Ball.JPG

Dani Ball ’22

Campus Events

Dani Ball is a Freshman from Park City, Utah in Rockefeller College. She is planning on studying Environmental Engineering, while taking as many classes in the humanities fields as possible. She is interested in furthering sustainable technology while working to broaden its reach and application throughout society. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring, and playing music.


Cristian Ruano-Arens ’22

Campus Events

Cristian is a freshman in Whitman College from Fort Smith, Arkansas. He plans on majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering with possible certificates in Materials Science and Engineering and East Asian Studies. He is interested in working to increase availability and efficiency of clean energy systems around the world.


Nina Osipova ‘21

Community Engagement

Nina is a sophomore from Houston, TX majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics. She has done research on energy optimization and she's interested in learning more about how technology is becoming more energy efficient. A tutor at Princeton High School, she also wishes to educate younger generations on the benefits of being 'energy-aware.' Her hobbies include trying new things like dancing, writing for fun, and ceramics.


Justin Hinson '21

Community Engagement

Justin is a sophomore from Princeton, New Jersey majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. he conducted research through an internship over the summer of 2017 at Princeton University’s Andlinger Center in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and hopes to learn more about ways to promote sustainability and environmental protection. His other interests include international relations and improving public education.


Taylor Bacon ‘19

Community Engagement

Taylor is a senior from Santa Fe, NM, passionate about sustainability and the outdoors. She’s majoring in Chemical & Biological Engineering with a focus on energy and environmental technology, and pursuing certificates in Sustainable Energy and Technology & Society. She is especially interested in how to bridge the gap between the renewable energy technologies being developed and the political and social engagement with those technologies.


Musab Almajnouni ’22

Community Engagement

Musab Almajnouni is a Rockyite currently studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, he's very interested in the intersection between finance, energy, and politics both in the U.S. and abroad.


Jessica Chen '22

Community Engagement

Jessica, a freshman from Fremont, California, plans to major in the civil and environmental engineering department. As someone who is passionate about sustainability and environmentalism, she hopes to use her skills to develop and take part in a greener future. In her free time, when she isn’t slaving over physics, she tends to enjoy spending time with her three cats and playing the violin.


Ethan Thai ‘21

Community Engagement

Ethan Thai is a sophomore in the Electrical Engineering department from Chandler, Arizona. In addition, he intends to pursue certificates in Materials Science and Technology and Society. His academic interests include the optimization of energy storage as well as the manners in which policy influences the development and implementation of newly unfolding technology systems.


Shaylee McBride ’22


Shaylee is a freshman from Vermont who plans on majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. She hopes to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, especially solar, by developing new technologies and educating others on the benefits of sustainability.


Jesse Lin ’22


Jesse is a freshman in Forbes College from Lincoln, Nebraska, and is planning on majoring in physics. He is interested in sustainability design, energy technology, and science policy. Jesse’s other interests include continental philosophy, politics, and music.


Rawlison Zhang ’20

PECC and Careers

Rawlison is a junior from Baltimore, Maryland majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Bioengineering. He is interested in the intersection of engineering, policy and business in the energy sector, particularly the economic viability, environmental sustainability, and global impact of emerging energy technologies.

Hannah To.jpg

Hannah To ’22


Hannah To is a freshman from Easton, Massachusetts planning to study Operations Research and Financial Engineering with a certificate in Sustainable Energy. She is interested in sustainable infrastructure. In particular, she is interested in researching the future of transportation and designing sustainable cities.