PUEA took 31 high school students from the Pennington School on tours of Princeton’s solar field and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) on the Tuesday afternoon of Intersession. It was a chance for the high school students and Princeton students to engage in an interactive learning experience about exciting energy facilities just a couple miles from campus! Caroline Savage, Campus as Lab Manager, and Gina Talt, Campus as Lab Fellow, of the Office of Sustainability led the tour of the solar field, explaining the history of the field and the technology and economics involved. Arturo Dominguez, Science Education Program Leader, and Atiba Brereton, Diagnostic Engineer, led the tour of PPPL, giving students a background on nuclear fusion energy and showing them the tokomak fusion reactor. Thank you to all of our tour guides, and thank you to members Natasha Turkmani ‘17 and Olivia Zhang ‘20, and PUEA Board members Todd Baldwin ‘20 and Amber Lin ‘19 for participating!