Our mentors


Founded in Fall 2017, the Tiger Energy Mentors program provides students with mentors in all stages of their time at Princeton, so that they can better understand the fields and careers they might want to pursue. Simply click on the mentor you want to learn more about to view their interests, bio, and how to contact them.


Will Atkinson '18

I'm a Geosciences major interested in bridging disciplines to study renewable energy policy!

Taylor Bacon '19

A CBE major with a focus on sustainable energy, especially bioenergy!

Thomas Hodson [Graduate Student]

An MAE grad student with experience in energy storage development and characterization.

Andrew Ma '19

A physics major with experience in energy research.

Ryan Edwards [Graduate Student]

A CEE grad student with work experience in the mining industry and a research focus on energy and climate

Stuart Pomeroy '18

A WWS major with a cross-disciplinary academic record and experience in the energy finance industry.

Jason Mulderrig '18

I am a mechanical engineer who is interested in two things: materials that can be used in energy storage systems and sustainable energy systems, and wind energy, and I have performed research internships in both interest spaces.

Ryan Baldwin '18

A CBE major with experience in finance, oil & gas, and renewable energy transitions.

Mim Buscher '19

A CBE major with experience in biofuels and enzymes!

Ross Kerner [Graduate Student]

Materials Science B.A. and ELE graduate student with experience starting interdisciplinary projects.