PUEA’s first event of the spring semester was held on March 24th! This introduction to energy event was hosted by Professors Fabian Wagner and Eric Larson, research scholars at the Andlinger Center for Energy & the Environment. Student presentations on the various energy topics were followed by a Q&A with our two guest scholars. Dinner was catered by Olives.

  • Program of Events:
    • Introduction [Amber Lin]
    • Oil/Gas [Ryan Baldwin]
    • Alternative Energy
      • Solar [Lydon Kersting]
      • Wind [Jason Muldering]
      • Nuclear [Anid Laoui]
      • Biofuels [Frank Nyugen]
    • Energy Storage [David Wu]
    • Energy Policy [Stephanie Cook]
    • Additional Q&A with Professor Fabian Wagner and Dr. Eric Larson